Vice-captain's blog 2013

Robert Hardie

Day One: Things Can Only Get Better

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Feb 18th, 2013

Day one of being vice-captain but sadly for everyone there’s no 18 Hole Course open to celebrate on. That said, eight holes on the Academy Course are open, the river’s down below bank level, the pumps have been going since 4pm yesterday and there’s way more grass visible than there has been for days.

The weather forecast is also great for the next five days or so and so hopefully we’ll be back on at least a loop of the main course in a week or so.

Last night was the AGM: 120+ members there and it’s now official. And exciting. Signing-up for the Drive-In at the same time as signing-in for the AGM worked brilliantly, looks like we could be as many as 150 on the 16th.

Did get to the range though for a lesson with Jake. It’s all about the angle, apparently. Sadly, I’m far too steep.

VC Stats: 1 day, 60 balls, 0 rounds, 0 shots.

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