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Robert Hardie

Day 42: Non-blondes have more Fun

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At last: some competitive golf on the course, which was surprisingly firm under foot when you consider how much water it has had to absorb. No Bank Holiday weather in evidence but at least there was a Bank Holiday Fun Competition to be played.

With the day brilliantly organised by Mick and Wendy Woollett, Ireland carried off the spoils with Scotland coming in second: Lady Captain Bec Smith handed out the (alcohol-based) prizes. I was out with Athol Jamieson and Karen Neal.

The best Stableford score of the day was Simon Small with 35pts.

On a personal note, my new ball-marker made its debut: it’s a 1977 Silver Jubilee commemorative medal given me by my parents at about the time I was starting to play golf rather than just caddy for my father.

Today would also have been my father’s 84th birthday and since he gave me my love of golf as a child it seemed an appropriate day to start using it. If nothing else, it’s big enough for even me not to lose it!

VC Stats: 42 days, 660 range balls, 59 holes, 268 shots, 7 different members played with.


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