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Robert Hardie

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Day 47: Another day, another Stableford

Both Gents’ and Ladies’ Stablefords today so Jo and I got a chance to play together thanks to Jenny and Nigel Hollis wanting to do the same.

Paid the price for not warming up and had three NRs in the first six holes but then started to play better and ended up with 31 points and so it could have been a lot worse. Probably best not to mention Jo’s score…

VC Stats: 47 days, 660 range balls, 95 holes, 352 shots, 11 different members played with.


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Day 44: First Stableford of the season

IMG_0886Out with two of the Junior Team – Ben Heywood and Tom Davies – in the Midweek Stableford today, and it was a lot of fun.

It was as windy as I can remember playing in for a good few years and Ben was almost blown off his feet but we all played ok.

32 points also got me second place!

VC Stats: 44 days, 690 range balls, 77 holes, 352 shots, 9 different members played with.

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Day 42: Non-blondes have more Fun


At last: some competitive golf on the course, which was surprisingly firm under foot when you consider how much water it has had to absorb. No Bank Holiday weather in evidence but at least there was a Bank Holiday Fun Competition to be played.

With the day brilliantly organised by Mick and Wendy Woollett, Ireland carried off the spoils with Scotland coming in second: Lady Captain Bec Smith handed out the (alcohol-based) prizes. I was out with Athol Jamieson and Karen Neal.

The best Stableford score of the day was Simon Small with 35pts.

On a personal note, my new ball-marker made its debut: it’s a 1977 Silver Jubilee commemorative medal given me by my parents at about the time I was starting to play golf rather than just caddy for my father.

Today would also have been my father’s 84th birthday and since he gave me my love of golf as a child it seemed an appropriate day to start using it. If nothing else, it’s big enough for even me not to lose it!

VC Stats: 42 days, 660 range balls, 59 holes, 268 shots, 7 different members played with.

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Day 28: Clubs away, camera out. Again.

130318_across18thwater 130318_across18 130318_across17th 130318_18thwater 130318_17thwater

The way it’s going I’m taking more shots OF the course than I am ON it!

Popped in to see how it was bearing up after the weekend downpour saw off the Incoming Captains’ Texas Scramble and the sun came out just as I arrived!

14 holes are open and we’re still teeing-up. Sadly, the weather forecast for the rest of the week’s not too bad (although freezing) until we get to the weekend, when it’s set to rain yet again. Can’t begin to say how frustrating it is not to be playing.

VC Stats: 28 days, 570 range balls, 41 holes, 183 shots, 5 different members played with.

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Day 26: Disney needn’t worry too much


And finally it arrives: sadly I mean the rain, not the Captains’ Drive-in.

It had been a fairly dry week and then Jo and I are halfway down the A38 without giving a thought to whether or not the golf would be before we spotted a facebook update – it turns out I’d cleaned her clubs in vain.

The course being closed wasn’t going to stop the ceremony going ahead though so it was on with a dwarf costume – Sleepy, to be exact – and into the supporting cast as Phil and Bec played out their Snow White and Prince Charming routine.

The Charity Launch Dinner in the evening went really well too – including my debut as an auctioneer, raising £60 for the Captains’ Charity for a donated cake!

VC Stats: 26 days, 510 range balls, 41 holes, 183 shots, 5 different members played with.

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Day 21: Snow play


Off for another lesson with Jake – spine angle this time – but not before turning down nine holes with Jo and Jane Winn.

A week after we were playing in shirtsleeves, the thermals were out again – and they were even battling against a blizzard on the 8th!

VC Stats: 21 days, 420 range balls, 41 holes, 183 shots, 5 different members played with.

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Day 15: Get in there, sun

3rd green

9th green reflection

Another day, another nine holes: this time with the ever-persuadable Jo. Disappointingly, it’s the last day of sunshine for a while.

38 for nine holes, best of the year so far: and I still only managed to beat 21-point Joanne by a single point!

VC Stats: 15 days, 300 range balls, 41 holes, 183 shots, 5 different members played with.

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Day 14: Taking on the Pros


Another hastily-arranged nine holes late on, but this time with a tough school: Paul Ashby (Scratch Team Captain), Will Harvey (playing professional) and Joe Docksey (playing professional and Academy Manager)!

No time to warm up and just two practice putts, both of which I missed, but for the record Paul and I won one-up – although of course I was getting shots from all three of them!

42 shots for nine holes: that’s playing to handicap, so no complaints.

VC Stats: 14 days, 300 range balls, 32 holes, 145 shots, 5 different members played with.